Bulletproof method of how to convert Raspberry Pi into kiosk

I’ve tried lots of tutorials but nothing seems to work with newer versions of Raspbian. So I’ve decided to write my own simple tutorial on this matter.

  1. Install the Raspbian Stretch Lite on your sd card.
    Warning! It is very important to download LITE version of Raspbian.

    Raspbian lite
  2. Use raspi-config to enable SSH (you might need it for further management because your device will be in a full kiosk mode).
    sudo raspi-config

    raspi config → Interfacing options → P2 SSH
  3.  Install packages:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    sudo apt-get install lightdm xinit chromium-browser omxplayer
  4. Create .xinitrc file:
    nano ~/.xinitrc
    With following contents:
    xset s off
    xset -dpms
    xset s noblank
    /usr/bin/chromium-browser –window-size=1920,1080 –kiosk –incognito http://yourwebsite.com
    /usr/bin/omxplayer –loop /home/pi/some_flick.mp4

  5. Create a symlink to .xinitrc:
    ln -s ~/.xinitrc ~/.xsession
    This way lightdm session will also run selected application on a startup.
  6. Once again run raspi-config and follow steps bellow: 

    Boot Options → Desktop / CLI → Desktop Autologin …
  7. Finish, save and reboot. After few minutes you should get your app running on a screen.

PS. Beware that this way your keyboard and mouse will not work. Some tweaking will be needed to accomplish that 🙂