Episode 1: Intro to state manager

States in other words are chunks of game program – think of them as chapters. States are not something you see, they are only containers with variables and renderable objects. For example preloader or main menu can have a state. Also levels of your game are states, even game over screen can be a state. In opposition to this power up and player are not states. Continue reading Episode 1: Intro to state manager

Intro: Phaser course

It’s official! I’m starting to learn Phaser and I’ll share any knowledge that I’ll get with you, for free! I’ve created my first project in this awesome Javascript framework and it works 🙂 I’ve decided to create this course because gamedev knowledge is very scattered… Initially I’ve created a Frankenstein’s monster from many parts gathered around the net. Now with this fresh experience I want to become a real HTML5 game developer so stay tuned for more.

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