How to run double plank (dock) on Elementary OS Juno?

If none of the other tutorials for double plank (on newest Elementary OS Freya) worked for you please check this post.

First part is the same as in other tutorials:

cd ~/.config/plank & mkdir dock2
ln -s dock1/launchers/ dock2/launchers

Now funny part that I’ve discovered 🙂

Because nothing really worked for me I’ve simply ran:

plank -n dock2 --preferences

And I’ve changed screen to second screen like that:

Disable On Primary Display and select your secondary screen.

Close window and run your Plank as simply as that:

plank -n dock2

Finally add it to Applications settings (for automatic startup):

Applications in Juno’s settings.

Forget about compiling any crap from some Github repos or installation of ppa soft… It simply does not work. This simple trick will provide you with double dock on Juno.

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