Start a new project with grunt & github for (total) dummies…

This short article will guide you through very basics of web development automatization. You’ll need a terminal and some basic knowledge how to use it. I work on Linux bash but it can be basically anything (well maybe not AmigaDOS). I’ll cover git basics also.

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Episode 1: Intro to state manager

States in other words are chunks of game program – think of them as chapters. States are not something you see, they are only containers with variables and renderable objects. For example preloader or main menu can have a state. Also levels of your game are states, even game over screen can be a state. In opposition to this power up and player are not states. Continue reading Episode 1: Intro to state manager

Simpliest way to obfuscate e-mail address using jQuery

Here is a simpliest jQuery code to protect e-mail addresses on your website from spam bots. Just put this in a script tag into the head section:

$(window).load(function() {			
	// anti spam
	var r='random-string';
	$('.'+r).each(function() {
	var $this = $(this),
		value = new String($this.text());
		value = value.replace('['+r+']', '@');
		$this.replaceWith($('<a></a>').text(value).attr('href', 'mailto:'+value));

Now replace random-string with any really aleatory set of characters eg. dhhIDu338

And here is the HTML part. Publish every e-mail address on your page using this code:

Contact: <span class="random-string">johndoe[random-string]</span>

jQuery advanced filter list plugin

This is a plugin for realtime list filtering using a text input. It’s very simple in use. Look at examples below:

Init filter:

$(document).ready(function() {
inputSelector: '#filter-input'

inputSelector is the only option required by plugin. It’s a jQuery selector for input field that will be used for list filtering.

Detach filter:


Disable filtering for the specified list (by a selector).

Optional settings:

  • caseSensitive true|false – enable or disable letter case sensitivity (it’s turned off by default).
  • noResultsText string – text that appears if no element matches text (by default it’s english).
  • duration integer – animation speed in miliseconds.
  • zebra true|false – add even class to even elements on the list (true by default).


Check demo at: