How to install fonts on Windows remotely

This guide will show you how to install fonts on remote machine using PsExec.

  1. Install PsExec tools from here (put psexec.exe into your System32 directory).
  2. Download FontReg from here.
  3. Create a temporary directory wherever you want. Call it fontreg (Desktop is OK for this purpose).
  4. Put FontReg.exe into that directory (you have 32 and 64 bit versions to choose – I’ve used first one on 64 bit system without any problems).
  5. Put fonts that you want to install into that directory.
  6. Create a new text text file, call it remote_install.cmd.
  7. Copy this contents into newly created file:
    :: This example shows you copying and registering the fonts on a remote machine
    :: This will copy the fonts and fontreg.exe to remote machine %h% into a folder "c:\temp\fonts", then push to that folder, then execute fontreg.
    :: Note, you cant execute fontreg from a different working directory else it wont see the fonts, you must change to that dir first.
    :: usage remote_install REMOTE_COMPUTER
    :: Param remote host to copy fonts
    set h=%1
    :: %~dp0* means current script path
    xcopy /i /s /y "%~dp0*" "\\%h%\c$\temp\fonts\"
    psexec -e \\%h% cmd /c (pushd c:\temp\fonts ^& fontreg.exe /copy)
  8. Run cmd and go to directory created just before this step.
  9. Now type and run:
    remote_install.cmd REMOTE_COMPUTER_NAME

And voilà!

remote_install.cmd in Windows console.


Running psexec might be tricky. By default it uses privileges of currently logged local user. If you’re in a domain network mind your account abilities on remote machine. In case of trouble google your error or write comment below.


Fully working example can be found here (no virus inside but I would not trust exe downloaded from some random IT guy 😀 JOKE or not? JOKE 😛 ).

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